Grønlandsmafiaen – kortfilm av YITV

Grønlandsmafiaen – «Ingen vei ut».

En kortfilm laget av Young Immigrant Tv, ungdom fra Oslo.


Grønlandsmafiaen film-project

Grønlandsmafiaen - film av YITH

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This article sums up some of the experiences that the organization African Cultural Awareness has gathered in the course of a three-year project: Young Immigrant TV.

This project aims to develop methods adapted to immigrant youths from inner-city Oslo, who have difficulties finding their place in society. The need for such methods has been strongly focused those last years.

«Young Immigrant TV»s resilience project, based on the principle «Strengthen your stronger sides», is one of several voluntary initiatives holding an open door to contemporary youths in Oslo. The project mphasizes continuously the youth’s own experience and competence.

Young girls and boys who in every way strive to find their place in the society bring forth creative products (in this case video films) and in the process learn about their own creativity and strengths. Flexibility and non-bureaucratic methods are at the core of the project.We found this necessary to create and run activities that are meaningful and resilience-enhancing for these youths – mostly underrepresented in activities organized by the local authorities.

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